Xbox Game Pass 2021 Year Review

To say that Xbox Game Pass was one of the community's biggest hits of 2021 would be an understatement. By allowing for a steady rate of growth Xbox has positioned their service at the forefront of the industry. As one of the creators of Game Pass Counter, and the one...

Townscaper sets your creativity free

Simulation games have become increasingly more popular as every year goes by. From comedic hits like Two Point Hospital, to run and dry titles like Lawn Mowing Simulator. Despite offering two very different, but very good experiences, they continue to enthrall gamers...

Alt/Reality Studio is ready to make their dreams a reality

New studios opening is always an exciting time, especially in an industry so fundamentally diverse as the Gaming is. New voices being given a platform is in the best interest of all gamers. Enter Alt/Reality Studio, a new game development studio based in Brazil and...

6Souls Xbox Series X Review

6Souls is a 2D action-adventure title from BUG-Studio and Ratalika Games. An adventurer named Jack and his trusty companion Butch embark on the adventure of a life time in an attempt to discover the secrets of the Clifford Family. Games of this variety are a dime a...

PlayStation reportedly working on ‘Game Pass’ alternative

It seems the success of Xbox’s own subscription service Game Pass has reached their competitors as a scoop from Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier reveals a plan for a PlayStation alternative due next spring. According to Jason, the project has been dubbed ‘Spartacus’ and...

Life gets Stranger with each new release

The Life is Strange series developed by Deck Nine and published by Square Enix fell into our laps in 2015, taking a moment to be picked up by the masses but soon showed the creative narrative of the development team was nothing short of addictive. Quickly, a second...

The Art of Writing Narratives is not Forgotten in this City

Narrative based loop games have become more common in the recent year in both the Indie and AAA gaming community. Between 12 Minutes, and Deathloop it can be quite the challenge to create a game that can captivate an audience better than a competitor. However, The...

Nintendo releases internal statement on Activision-Blizzard

It’s three for three with Activision-Blizzard this week as the company’s CEO Bobby Kotick has seemingly caught the ire of all three major console publishers, with Nintendo of America CEO Doug Bowser releasing an internal statement regarding the Wall Street Journal...

Xbox’s Phil Spencer weighs in on Activision-Blizzard

The water boils hotter for Activision-Blizzard as the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer weighs in on the massive report from the WSJ detailing CEO Bobby Koticks involvement of his company’s “frat boy culture”. Previously, many leaders and notable figures in the industry...

Activision-Blizzard fallout continues as industry reels from WSJ report on CEO

Yesterday the Wall Street Journal released a startling article on CEO Bobby Koticks involvement of Activision-Blizzards ‘frat boy culture’ and his own misconduct. Today however, the industry reels from the shocking evidence brought forward. On the public side of...

Wallstreet Journal reveals Bobby Kotick’s involvement in companies sexual-harassment culture

The Wallstreet Journal has just published a damning report on Activision-Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick's involvement covering up the sexual-harassment dwelling in the company and his role perpetuating it. The article starts when an unnamed female employee of Sledgehammer...

Xbox officially turns 20, here’s all the cool stuff they announced.

It seems only like yesterday we were fragging each other with Rocket Launchers on Hang ‘em High, or capturing red teams' flag in Blood Gulch. But today, Xbox officially turns 20 years old, and to celebrate they are looking back at their history, and looking towards...

BC or not BC, that is the question.

Much has been made of the Xbox Series X/S feature set and the value it brings to its customers. Be it Auto HDR, Quick Resume, Smart Delivery or a multitude of other quality of life attributes the hardware offers, it is fairly unequivocal that Xbox have done stellar...

Xbox announces new updates to Xbox App on PC

Rejoice PC players, for Xbox is bringing new updates to the PC experience on the Xbox app! Some of these updates are currently in testing for Xbox insiders, but will be coming soon to all players soon. The first improvement is being able to choose install locations,...

Embr Xbox Series X|S Review

When young, I think most people have imagined being a Firefighter. It’s a profession that is pretty unanimously respected and for good reason. The risks that firefighters put themselves at on a frequent basis is incredibly heroic. Despite this, however, Firefighters...

Blizzard co-lead Jen Oneal steps down from head of studio

In an unexpected turn of events, current (now former) co-leader of Blizzard Jen Oneal will be stepping down immediately from her position and will be leaving Activision-Blizzard as a whole by the end of this year in a statement she made. As a quick refresher, back in...

Halo MCC announces new 20th Anniversary updates with new cosmetics

Halo is almost 20 years old, and to celebrate the franchises long history Halo: The Master Chief Collection is bringing new cosmetics that remind us of its humble beginnings back when the game first was announced. Here is everything that is being added in the latest...

The Legend of Tianding PC Review

The Legend of Tianding is a 2D action platformer developed by Creative Games and Computer Graphics Corporation and published by Neon Doctrine. It released on November 1st for PC and Nintendo Switch and it truly isn't a game fans of the genre will want to miss. The...

Last Stop Xbox One Review

Narrative driven games are quite the respite from action packed or psychological thrillers. Allowing the player to watch a story unfold in front of their eyes as it weaves its tale. Last Stop by Variable State sure tells an interesting and deviant story, that leaves...

Xbox and SEGA team up for future project

Yesterday, seemingly out of the blue, SEGA announced a joint partnership with Xbox to produce “large scale” games using Microsofts Azure Cloud platform. The small press release states that SEGA’s alliance with Xbox will form a “key part” for their mid-to-long term...

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