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Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition full list of Xbox achievements leaked online

Rockstar recently confirmed, after many leaks, that GTA: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition will be making its way onto Xbox and other platforms later this year. While we wait for an official release date, it would seem as though we’re actually getting more info...

No achievements, progression & more in Back 4 Blood’s solo mode

Back 4 Blood is mere days away from release and some folk, thanks to early access, have been hard at work slaying hoards of zombies already. The title from Turtle Rock Studios, the same masterminds behind the Left 4 Dead series, has been long-awaited by fans with the...

Adidas & Xbox collaboration announced, new Xbox sneakers are on their way

Xbox and Microsoft are shifting up a gear in preparation for Xbox's 20th Anniversary, and it's Adidas up next in the spotlight for collaborations. Recently we saw popular donut manufacturer Krispy Kreme release a tasty treat dubbed 'The Nexus Level', a clever take on...

Interview with Joe Winter – developer of Song of Iron

Song of Iron's developer Joe Winter (Resting Relic) recently took the time to answer some questions about his newly-released game which is out on Xbox and other platforms right now. Joe Winter is a solo developer, so we found out a little more about how it is to make...

Interview with Studio InkyFox: How Omno came to Game Pass, solo development & more

We were lucky enough to interview the solo developer, Jonas (aka Studio InkyFox), about his new game Omno which is available right now on Xbox Game Pass and other platforms. The game is beautifully unique, with a relaxed playstyle, intriguing locations and it's host...

Krispy Kreme ‘The Nexus Level’ Xbox Doughnut Review

Famous global doughnut company, Krispy Kreme, has teamed up with Xbox to deliver a limited-edition Xbox-branded treat, and we snagged one to bring you the only comprehensive review on the internet of this glorious and gooey snack. With absolutely no nutritional value...

First Impressions: Back 4 Blood (Open Beta)

Born from the great minds that gifted us the excellent Left 4 Dead games, developer Turtle Rock Studios are back with their spiritual successor, Back 4 Blood. We got to get our bloody hands - and fists - on the recent Open Beta for the zombie-infested, cooperative...

Hades, Lumines Remastered, Skate, and more are coming to Xbox Game Pass this month

It’s a new month which means that Xbox, PC, and Cloud gamers who have subscribed to the gift that keeps on giving that is Game Pass have some new titles to play. There’s something for everyone with this pretty busy month, and fans of a certain skateboarding EA title...

Five useful tips for new Pirates

Sea of Thieves from esteemed developer Rare is still proving to be a resounding success and it’s certainly come a very long way since its release back in 2018. Thanks to a slew of updates, what was once a fairly barebones affair, is now a sprawling...

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